About Us

“Medicine is a science from which one learns the states of the human body with respect to what is healthy and what is not, in order to preserve good health when it exists and restore it when it is lacking.”

Harbingers Pharmaceuticals is a  specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the marketing of quality and affordable medicines in domestic as well as the global markets. We are committed  to provide safe and healthy solutions for a Stronger India and the world at large. At Harbingers Pharmaceuticals we believe that a combined effort between us will help us attain vitality and good health.

Harbingers Pharmaceuticals has been consistently supplying and providing high quality and affordable medicines in different parts of the country and the world. Pledged to patient’s care since inception, our focus on specialty segments in India and international markets has accelerated our growth over the years. Our team members are driven to fulfill the mission; a commitment to “Shape a new world free from disease and illness, with empathy, innovation and technology.”

Harbingers Pharmaceuticals is a customer centric company, i.e. by the people, for the people. Striving toward better health is at the center of everything we do. The spirit of our commitment extends to our employees, partners and the larger community. And no matter how prosperous we may become, we will continue to honor the inspiration behind our success.

Deep inside, from its founder to its newest employee, lives a genuine passion for giving back, to those in need, to the general public, and to the communities in which the company is doing business. With a direct approach and focus on new product introduction, we have been consistent and systematically identifying unmet medical needs and introducing many first-to-market products to cater to those needs.

This is the Harbinger story. Come, be a part of this!

Vision, Mission & Guiding Value

“One Distinct Strategy Gives Birth To A Great Vision”
Our vision and values guide Harbinger to shape a healthy India

Vision: “Our vision is to become a-world class marketing pharmaceutical company in India and to become a specialist in medicine and nutraceuticals by providing advanced quality drugs to cure at affordable and inexpensive rates.”

Mission:Providing 2 billion people access to high quality and world class affordable medicines”

We will be responsible for successfully marketing pharmaceutical medicines and products to every Indian across each and every corner and villages of India, to prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases, with complete customer contentment and achieve leadership in products and services across the nation, through technology based solutions on world renowned research and development.

We are responsible to our society. With Harbingers Pharmaceuticals, we wish to reach all those places and villages where good medicines are not hard, but almost impossible to find. We shall be responsible to create an ideal India by eradicating diseases and illness of any kind. We shall be ideal citizens and will be driven by high ethical practices.

Guiding Value: At the heart of Harbingers, we respect each individual. Our guiding values are an unbreakable chain of behaviors that embodies the very nature of how we operate:

Integrity: What’s right, should be done without compromising on ethics.

Respect: Accept and respect. We are all different.
Collaboration: Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant.
Excellence: Not just a skill, but an attitude and a part of our DNA.
Leadership: We lead the way by demonstrating what’s possible.

CSR: Our Passion, Commitment, and Innovation to Shape and Help Build A Healthy India

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”

The founder of Harbingers Pharmaceuticals has a distinct vision for a 100% healthy India by ensuring awareness and eagerness about health and being healthy. At Harbingers Pharmaceuticals, we make perfect health affordable and accessible to the local communities and society at large.

“We are social animals and we cannot survive alone.” With new and effective medicines and healthcare solutions, we help as many people as we can to assure their right to good health. We lend a helping hand to the support of women, children and the elderly in the areas of health and education. With this, we can and we will make a positive contribution to the communities, and also by investing in health and education programs that intend to bring betterment in the lives of people. Support to the society and people through various social development initiatives are the way through which  Harbingers Pharmaceuticals  invests in society. This is done by encouraging social projects in collaboration with NGOs in rural and urban areas.

Our initiatives are primarily focused towards women, children and the elderly and are oriented in the areas of Health, Education, Water, Livelihood, Environment, and Disaster Relief. We think that these areas are related and of direct interest to Harbingers Pharmaceuticals. If there is proper education, one will sooner or later learn to be hygienic, and if one is hygienic, will one remain healthy. Harbingers Pharmaceuticals helps in educating and training masses on good practices for a healthy living.


Harbingers Pharmaceuticals: Your Health’s Best Ally

Harbingers Pharmaceuticals holds one quality standard across our product line, regardless of the market. At Harbingers Pharmaceuticals whether it’s a medicine for an individual or for millions, our prime concern is to meet or exceed industry standards.

There’s Nothing Generic About Our Standards

Our team of experts reviews all the products, before dispatching it to the market, no matter where they are made. To us, trust goes beyond our quality standards. It’s all about protection for the people who will be helped by what we are doing. Because we truly are concerned and care about the people who will be helped by the medicines we market. And we believe in earning that trust, from the doctors, the pharmacists, other health care professionals and patients, every day.

Above all, quality is the main reason we say to 2 billion people that we know where our priorities lie: It all begins and ends with you. Because Harbinger is for you, and only for the best of you!