About Us

“Medicine is a science from which one learns the states of the human body with respect to what is healthy and what is not, in order to preserve good health when it exists and restore it when it is lacking.”

Harbingers Pharmaceuticals is a  specialty Pharmaceutical & Nutraceuticals company engaged in the marketing of quality and affordable products in domestic as well as the global markets. We are committed  to provide safe and healthy solutions for a Stronger India and the world at large. At Harbingers Pharmaceuticals we believe that a combined effort between us will help us attain vitality and good health.

Who we are ?

Harbingers for Good Health !

Harbingers Pharmaceuticals has been consistently supplying and providing high quality and affordable medicines in different parts of the country and the world. Pledged to patient care since inception, our focus on specialty segments in India and international markets has accelerated our growth over the years. Our team members are driven to fulfill the mission, a commitment to “Shape a new world free from disease and illness, with empathy, innovation and technology.”

Harbingers Pharmaceuticals is a customer centric company, i.e. by the people, for the people. Striving toward better health is at the center of everything we do. The spirit of our commitment extends to our employees, partners and the larger community. And no matter how prosperous we may become, we will continue to honor the inspiration behind our success.

Deep inside, from its founder to its newest employee, lives a genuine passion for giving back, to those in need, to the general public, and to the communities in which the company is doing business. With a direct approach and focus on new product introduction, we have been consistent and systematically identifying unmet medical needs and introducing many first-to-market products to cater to those needs.